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In the past 15 years, I’ve been investing in understanding business opportunities through digital technology. During this time, I’ve discovered three simple findings:

1. Businesses don’t know what they don’t know

2. Digital transformation doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a journey

3. Small acts can pay huge dividends

Are you trying to figure out what’s possible for your business to embrace the digital transformation?
Let’s work together; I can help you.


My skills are in bringing sales, marketing, and IT together to deliver digital solutions towards business growth, customer focus and innovation.

Digital Assessment

Evaluate the quality of your current digital landscape.

Outcome: Educate and propose rapid report of digital needs and opportunities to enhance market value.

Digital Organization Alignment

Align your digital strategy with your overall organization goals.

Outcome: Suggested action steps to align resources, digital assets and business objectives.

Digital Product Roadmap

Define how you will succeed by mapping key strategic initiatives to your features and releases.

Outcome: Map out your product roadmap and upcoming sprints to help the team visualize what’s coming.

Digital Innovation & Strategy

Provide inspiration & innovative thinking to help your business embrace digital technology in new ways.

Outcome: Create new digital opportunities as well as strengthen the performance of existing digital assets and capabilities.

Portfolio. How digital...

★ ★ ★ Recognition ★ ★ ★

Customer Focus: GE IT Global Leadership “Connecting Customers in Creative Ways” by GE CIO, Charlene Begley

Innovation: GE Capital Americas “Challenging the Status Quote and Driving Change” by GE Capital CIO, Sigal Zarmi

Technology: Co-creator of GE’s first enterprise commercial iPad app highlighted by Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook

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  • As the world evolves, more challenges are created. That’s where visionaries and the so-called “innovators” shine best, by translating those challenges into key opportunities: challenging the status quo, re-imagining what’s possible and adapting to make a change become the norm.

    That’s the way startups and large players are disrupting markets and embracing the new-age technology mindset.

    I’m Gustavo Netto and I work at the intersection of startups and large corporations system thinking to help organizations embrace technology as a growth engine and find meaning in their transformation.

  • 1.

    Everyone should be respected equally as an individual, from the CEO to the cleaning lady”.
    (My father)

    Everybody has something to add to the world. Rather than focusing on what people are or have, we shall look at what they offer to the world.


    “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are”.
    (C.G. Jung)

    As much as we try to do the right things some people will criticize us or even try to make us believe we can’t make it. Believe in yourself and in your vision, work for it, and everything else will follow.


    “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value”.
    (Albert Einsten)

    If you ask one hundred people their definition of success, most likely you will get one hundred different answers. In order to find commonality among people you want to surround yourself with, focus on their values.

  • My Professional Journey

    I started my professional career as a young computer instructor in 1996 while attending technical high school for data programming in Sao Paulo, Brazil. One year later, I joined Brazil’s first online advertising agency as a web designer and developer. For three years, while pursuing a degree in visual design at FAAP University, I developed the core of what I am today, a creative dreamer who challenges the norm. Although life was good then, as a 20-year old I envisioned a life for myself with a global mindset so I decided to drop out of university and take a break from work.

    In 2000, I sold my only asset (my car) and moved to New York City to embark in the most fun, long, and amazing experience of my life! For five years, I went from job to job as a dishwasher, busboy, cater waiter, dog walker, ice cream store manager, soccer coach, and IT customer service rep among other things that all provided me with experience of interacting with customers which is something that fascinates me. I also pursued freelance web design and development for restaurants in NYC while putting myself through college in order to earn my associate’s degree in New Media Technology at The City University of New York. Upon graduation, my freelance work turned into a global operation where I outsourced jobs to designers and developers in Brazil, Mexico and India, and ran multiple projects for my first company, GN Web Solutions.

    In 2005, I earned a full athletic scholarship for soccer at Sacred Heart University, where I graduated with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems. At the same time, I expended GN Web Solutions beyond restaurants. By that time, I was providing consulting services for start-ups and existing businesses globally. Business was good but I wanted to put my degrees and experience into practice at a large global corporation.

    While at Sacred Heart, I had the opportunity to experience the corporate life twice. First, I joined JetBlue Airways in its people department and leadership program. Second, I interned at GE Energy Financial Service as a Functional IT Leader. I also had the opportunity to get my feet wet in Human Resources as a Executive Associate for one year at a an elite group of Leadership Search in Greenwich, Connecticut. I found that combining the people side with technology would be a great fit for me.

    In 2007, I joined General Electric (GE) through its Information Technology Leadership Program. ITLP is GE’s premier 2-year leadership offering members the opportunity to grow their leadership skills, business acumen and technical aptitude by leading GE’s world-class challenge assignments.

    The transition from a solo entrepreneur to an employee of a massive organization like GE was a challenging but fun experience. At GE, I learned how to think even bigger and earned wings to put my creativity and entrepreneurship experience to use – I became an intrapreneur!

    Today, I work as an Executive Consultant leading Banking go-to-market strategy and offerings at IBM Salesforce Consulting Services, where I get to work with amazing and very intelligent people to create digital solutions leveraging the most advanced technologies to transform banks of all sizes.

    I reside in Connecticut with my beautiful wife and my two sons.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see you sometime soon!




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  • “Gustavo is a leader of people and has the intellectual capability to assume responsiblity for highly complex projects. He works with efficiency and thoroughness and is well liked by all the team members and clients. I would highly recommend Gustavo”.

    Norman Matté, CEO at Matté & Company via LinkedIn
  • “Inspiring. That’s the word I always use to describe Gustavo. In today’s business environment, Gustavo is a unique individual. His combination of enthusiasm, insight, and resourcefulness are rare. I have witnessed him identify opportunities and turn them into a reality. He knows how to make things happen. It would be a pleasure to work with him or for him, and I consider myself fortunate to have the pleasure of knowing him”.

    Elisabetta DeGironimo, GIS Coordinator at Mohawk Valley Water Authority via LinkedIn
  • “Gustavo’s leadership skills, vision, character and values are qualities that made me trust and work with him. He is also dedicated and passionate about what he does and his ultimate goal is to make the customers happy by going the extra mile. I would highly recommend Gustavo to anyone who is serious about what they do and want to accomplish a high level of success”.

    Nicolae Andrei Popescu, Entrepreneur & Coach via LinkedIn
  • “During the time I’ve known Gustavo, I’ve found him to be a pleasant, hard working team player who was always fun to be around. Gustavo consistently went above and beyond his day-to-day responsibilities, while never dropping the ball on any deadline requirements. His attention to detail, coupled with his skill expertise, makes him an excellent employee I would highly recommend”.

    Christine Peterson, HR Leader at Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport via LinkedIn
  • “I worked with Gustavo during the beginning of his professional career and even thought he was starting he already demonstrated a great responsibility and commitment. He is very creativity works well in group. Miss him… 😉 He is a real asset for any organization”.

    Sebastian Menendez Diretor, F5 Design e Tecnologia Atualizada via LinkedIn
  • “Gustavo is a values driven individual who always brings out the best in his team. He’s a natural leader who knows when to lead and mentor. One of Gustavo other traits is that he is great at networking and has a ability and desire to connect his peers to each other in order to bring together great minds driving to accomplish great things. I’m grateful to know Gustavo and consider him not just a colleague but also a friend and mentor”.

    Nikhil Gangaraju, Technology Professional via LinkedIn
  • “Reporting directly to Gustavo was an incredible experience and even after being a part of his team, he has remained an excellent mentor to me. He challenges me everyday to be better, think smarter, stand out and deliver effectively. I often find myself making connections between current work I am involved in and a conversation we once had where he advised me on how best to proceed. He has a deep knowledge of the business as well as a great external focus on all things innovative and exciting. His passion inspires me to proactively manage my career and his guidance is an invaluable tool for doing just that”.

    Ricky DePalma, Lead System Analyst at GE Capital Bank via LinkedIn
  • “When I first started working with Gustavo, I was immediately impressed with his insight, passion and dedication. He is not afraid to foster new initiatives and has the innate ability to identify and understand needs and quickly supply solutions. He also recognizes the importance of building relationships and is truly a joy to collaborate with. Gustavo is a bright and amazing individual that would be a star on any team”.

    Lori Armstrong, Global Atmospheric, Climate and Weather Industry Manager at Esri via LinkedIn
  • “Throughout my career at GE Gustavo was a trusted friend, an amazing manager and never hesitated to go out of his way to help me. I hope I am given the opportunity to work with Gustavo again in the future”.

    Jeff Wolcott, Mobile Architect at Northwestern Mutual via LinkedIn
  • “I highly recommend GN Web Solutions if you need any kind of web services. I hired its services last year to design my blog and I was really happy from the first contact with Gustavo to the delivery of the blog. Gustavo is very punctual and consistent. I felt really comfortable that I could trust his work. Not only he did a great job with my blog, he prepared me to give continuity to the blog. I would definitely hire Gustavo again, in case I need web services in the future”.

    Jessica Costa, Operations Analyst at Banco Votorantim Securities, Inc via LinkedIn
  • “Gustavo’s mentoring instilled a strong sense of confidence in me for my upcoming job interview. A faculty member in Sacred Heart University’s athletic department urged me to contact Gustavo in preparation for the interview. Gustavo truly went above and beyond by guiding me through each phase of my preparation. He detailed effective interviewing techniques, delivered great advice, and utilized his contacts to help me reach out to the appropriate employees. Gustavo’s assistance will certainly help me reach my potential during next week’s interview”.

    Anthony Pascarella, FMP at GE Corporate via LinkedIn
  • “Gustavo helped me land the job of my dreams! Without his advice, guidance and perseverance in connecting me with the right people I would not have had this wonderful opportunity. He is a successful and driven leader who truly wants to help others succeed. These are traits one does not see very often and we should value people like Gustavo. Any company is very lucky to have him in their staff. His assistance has given me that first necessary boost in my career and I will always be grateful for his help”.

    Ana Da Silva, Edison Engineer - Software Development at GE - Hitachi, Power & Water via LinkedIn
  • “I am so grateful for having Gustavo Netto as a mentor and friend. He is a very intelligent man who thought me so much during the beginning of my professional career. Gustavo is one of the few people who mentored me that actually cared about my future, only meant well, and asked for nothing in return. He prepared me for my future, gave me confidence and inspired to become a better professional”.

    Maira Duque, Quality Engineer via LinkedIn

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